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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Quiapo, Manila: Feast of the Black Nazarene 2020

The annual Feast of the Black Nazarene is when devotees of the Black Nazarene walk long hours through the streets of Manila as a ritual of ‘Translacion’ - a Spanish word for ‘transfer.’ The Black Nazarene was carved by an unnamed Mexican in the 16th century then transferred to the Philippines in 1606. The feast also reenacts the transfer of the Black Nazarene from the original location in Intramuros to different churches until it was settled in Quiapo Church in 1787. 
As believed by many Filipinos, especially ManileƱos, the Black Nazarene is a miraculous figure granting good health and protection from any sickness which is why millions of devout Catholics participate in this Feast not minding the heat and mammoth crowd. Some even imitate Christ's walk to Golgotha by walking barefoot while others scramble their way closer to the Black Nazarene hoping for a chance to wipe their towels to it. 
So, to give way for the ‘Translacion’ of the Black Nazarene, Manila Mayor, Isko Moreno, suspends classes and works in government offices this January 9, 2020. If you got errands during that day, it's best to re-schedule it so you won't be caught up with the crowd.

But, if you're one of the many who'd like to partake in this grand religious event or just a mere spectator, read more below for more details and take note of some safety reminders: 


According to Quiapo officials, the annual procession will be on Thursday, January 9, 2020, and will follow different routes amidst the ongoing bridge repairs. The image of the Black Nazarene would still begin at Quirino Grandstand but is set to pass the Ayala Bridge route. The procession usually passes through Jones, Quezon, and MacArthur bridges however they are currently undergoing retrofitting.

Below are the following areas where the Translacion would pass through:

·         Quirino Grandstand
·         Katigbak Road through Padre Burgos Street
·         Finance Road through Ayala Boulevard
·         Palanca Street
·         Quezon Boulevard
·         Arlegui Street
·         Fraternal Street
·         Vergara Street
·         Duque de Alba Street
·         Castillejos Street
·         Farnecio Street
·         Arlegui Street
·         Nepomuceno Street
·         Concepcion Aguila Street
·         Carcer Street
·         Hidalgo through Plaza del Carmen
·         Bilibid Viejo through Gil Puyat Street
·         J.P De Guzman Street
·         Hidalgo Street
·         Quezon Boulevard
·         Palanca Street through under Quezon Bridge
·         Villalobos through Plaza Miranda
·         Quiapo Church

Planning to go to Manila and join the feast? Since many roads would be closed and going there via car or jeepney will be difficult, it is most advisable to take the LRT to Quiapo, Manila. Here are ways you can get there via LRT1 and LRT2:

·         Via LRT1 – get off at Recto Station, and then walk towards Quiapo Church from Claro M. Recto.
·         Via LRT2 – get off at Carriedo Station or Central Station, and then walk towards Quiapo Church


A large number of local police will be deployed to ensure peace and order during the religious festival. Paramedics will on standby for those who might need medical assistance. Senior citizens, pregnant women, children, the disabled, and even intoxicated people are also discouraged from joining the parade. 

Like before, mobile phone signal will be jammed in the area for security purposes and the entire route may be declared as a “no-fly zone” which means drones and other flying devices will be prohibited.

Here are a few more safety reminders for you:

1. Leave all your valuables at home. If you are unable to, make sure to secure your phones properly. Note that for security purposes, mobile phone coverage is turned off in the area.
2. Wear comfortable clothes.
3. Advise your family and bring an ID with the contact information of your family members in case of an emergency.
4. Bring small snacks like crackers, candies, and drinking water.
5. Avoid alcoholic drinks.
6. For photographers, make sure to check the procession route and ask other experienced photographers for more vantage points.
7. Be attentive to your surroundings.

As mentioned above many people attend the Translacion, whether you’re a devotee attending the Feast or just a civilian watching, it is always best to plan ahead for you to appreciate it and also to be safe.


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