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Saturday, August 5, 2017



                  A taste of North, making our long weekend worth it, my always on the go friends and I decided to escape the busy city and away from everything we went north, Cagayan Valley. Cagayan Valley is the caving capital of the Philippines there are so many adventure awaits you that 15 – 17 hrs travel time on the road all I can say that it was all worth it when you finally arrived at the destination and seeing the beauty of the nature.
First stop is the Tuguegarao Cathedral all I can say is the church is astonishing from the façade to its main altar piece and then after that we headed to Callao cave.
(Tuguegarao Cathedral)

The Callao cave is just one of the limestone cave that you can found in the town of Peñablanca in Cagayan Valley. It has nine chambers but there are seven chambers that you can visit but most of the tourist and the guide recommend until 5th chamber only because the 6th and 7th chamber is already dead end. A Callao man also discovered inside of the cave. They have a good tour guide that will make your tour more fun and wherein you can see that they can held a wedding inside of the cave, you can see the church in the first chamber. Those rock formation inside of the cave both stalactites and stalagmites were spectaculars and to see those crystal helictites.

(Callao Cave)

Next day we went island hopping going to Palaui Island the untouched paradise in the north, the first island is Anguib beach with white sand, clear water and pristine beach. The beach is not crowded wherein you can unwind, take a lot of picture with the beautiful ocean and have a dip.

(Palaui Island)

For me the highlight of our tour, my favorite one is when we went to Cape Engaño you’ll do a short trek so it’s a bit tiring while getting your way reaching at the top you will already fall in love in the place what more when you reach the top that is fascinating and at the same time you will feel that you are like in Batanes. 

(Cape Engaño)


Philippines never fail me to show stunning scenery of the nature it is truly amazing and will give you a thought that there are so many places that you need to explore. Next is another island called Punta Verde were we had our lunch and the location where they shoot the Survivor Philippines reality TV. And the last one is the crocodile island after a long tiring day we headed back to the Inn. 

    Last day, heading back to Manila, our stop is Iguig Calvary Hills. Where you can see the  life size images of the 14 station of the Cross and the church of San Antonio de Galicia that will give a unique pilgrimage experience.
(Iguig Calvary Hills)

(Church of San Antonio de Galicia)

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