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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#KaSquadGoal @ Ball Pit Manila

When I was a child I do not experienced to play on a playground in the mall or in areas with good playground for children. I grew up in the province which only know to play like bungee jumping, skipping spine, skipping ox, Chinese garter, pickaxe, hide and seek, kicking can, basketball and strange game that I’ am sure that not all of you can relate such as jack stone, text, colored games that the bet are skin candies for paper money and cover caps of soft drinks which also serve as coin. I have a happy childhood, because I experienced it all that far in large percentage of youth population in the Philippines who preferred to face the gadgets for entertainment. In this way I started my young. 

 Have you ever been to Ball Pit Manila? Are you planning go to this place? Its location is in the Campus Rueda Bldg. 101 Urban Ave, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. A great place for those who want to relax and try something stress free and inexpensive activities that really make you enjoy it. Admission opens from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Ball pit Manila is a bedroom with a large container filled with small white balls that serve as the main attraction of the place. Its size is 20 square meters and having 80,000 pieces of white balls. They cater 20 people at the same time; the entry limit is observed to ensure everyone can enjoy their stay to the place and to avoid overcrowding.

There are mats in the area serve as free to those who come. Make sure you bring clean socks before you visit the place. If you forgot to bring you need to buy socks at the entrance counter. Socks are important to protect the balls as well as floor mats and to preserve cleanliness in the place and avoid the dust until closing time.

How much is the entrance to Ball Pit Manila?
For walk - in entrance fee amounting to P325.00 per pax but if you book online it cost P299.00 per pax. They also have promotions, if you celebrate your birthday; you can enter for free but must accompanied by two regular paying adult.

The cost of the entrance fee includes 1 hour stayed in place, free coffee or tea depending on the drink you want and free mattress. There were cookies available at the place that you can buy in the amount of 70 to 80 pesos per piece. Cheap, right?

So what are you waiting for discover the place and Im sure you will enjoy it in a very cheap price. Open to all ages from 16 years old upwards.

Explore. Dream . Discover  - Go find yourself!!

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